Rules of  Chat.

  • No Adverts - You may advertise things to do with Moshi Monsters but not anything else. All ads must be for ALL ages. Screenshots are allowed. On PM other links are allowed but must be for all pages.
  • No Swearing/Bad Language - You are not allowed to Swear on the Furi chat otherwise you will be WARNED/KICKED. If someone swears on PM please post a screenshot of it on the Main Chat within 1 minute.
  • No Offence - Please can we not have any offense on the chat. So no Racism, Sex Comments and Harrassing. If someone is doing it on PM please post a screenshot on the main chat within 1 minute. 
  • Kindness is good - Please respect people how you would like to be treated. Please treat Newbies the same way also.

  • Consequences!
  1. Warning 1
  2. Warning 2
  3. Warning 3
  4. Kick 1
  5. Warning 1
  6. Warning 2
  7. Suspension
  8. Warning 1
  9. Ban
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