Mr Moshi's Room Preview

Mr Moshi's Room Preview.

Mr Moshi 1

Mr. MoshiEdit

Mr. Moshi is the Creator/Owner/Worker of Moshi Monsters, and he was the first/one of the first monsters to be ever made. His monster is a Furi called Snowcrash. 

About Mr. MoshiEdit

Mr Moshi has over 500,000 visits, he is on level 16, has a lot of friends, he is also 39 years of age and he has very little health and happiness because he doesn't get on often. He has many messages asking questions about Moshi Monsters and other requests. He has a white furi with pink feet. You can see a tour of his room in the video above.

His furi wears a pear of Glasses and a Mustache. And rarely changes his colour or costume because he is an extremely busy man/monster. 

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